środa, 15 listopada 2017

how to slow down this fall?!

it's hard to be in a good mood when there is lack of sun! it's dark in the morning when you're going to work and it is dark when you're going back home. it's getting colder and colder and the evenings are long; sometimes too long with bored kids. 

fall days can be really rough to cope with; so how to survived those days and long evenings and make them worth waiting for!? 

often we put ourselves in survival mode and we're just waiting for Spring to come back soon; 
but fall days can also be filled with warmth, smiles and a lot of sun not necessary the real one!

1. warm light

    good light is all you need. there is so many cool lamps which you can surround yourself with
    and make your home cozy and bright. 

2.  candels

     it's a must have. 
     scented candles are perfect if you need to relax after a long day or if you just need to feel                     warm and safe. candles always help, they create a perfect atmosphere.

3. cozy home accessories

    buy yourself a lot of soft and fluffy blankes and pilllows. arrange your home with it, to feel more        homey! wrap yourself in and don't forget about rugs on bare floors.

4. warm drinks

    hot tea, mulled wine and cocoa. everything in beautiful mug.
    even a hot coffee in a cold morning will makes you feel much better and ready for a day.

5. clothes

    wear comfy, thick socks at least at home.
    oversize sweaters and cardigans, pyjamas and fluffy slippers.
     also uggs for life ;)

6. family and friends time

    plan a board games night with your close ones or read a book to your kids.
    prepare delicious meal and eat together around the table.

7. offline mode

    turn off your phones, computers and tv's. go for a long walk with your family. read books, talk with your loves ones, listen to music. enjoy the simple pleasures!

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wtorek, 31 października 2017

trick or treat! happy halloween!

we're all super excited for halloween, even though is not celebrate that much in poland, where we live. we totally celebrating it at our house and kids love it.

it is also this time of the year when we all can play dress up. it's time for scary movies, games, sweets and trick or treats!

even our dog got a costume, because why not? halloween is for fun and for feeling like a child again!

so today i prepared for you costumes inspirations from my favorite bloggers which i love and admire everyday!

photo credit - cara loren

photo credit - cara loren 

cara and brody have always the best costumes! 
go check their page here

amber fillerup family is always the cutess!
photo credit here

my favorite bloggers family - love taza

i alos want to share with you a special offer which you can take part in: for a chance to win $100 gift card to Rosegal click here and for most amazing Halloween Sale click here!

take a look and Happy Halloween! 

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sobota, 28 października 2017

8 facts why living in a countryside is better

8 facts why living in a countryside is better for you: 

the views.....and driving through it, just enjoying the peace and quiet which you can't find driving through busy city streets.

2. appreciation the nature, animals and surroundings; also fresh air and fragrances of changing seasons!

3. going offline and being present.

4. everyone knows everyone. people know their neighbors and feel safer than in city.

5. you have your own house with yard!!! kids can run and play outside, chase fireflies, sledding, buld a snowman etc...

6. you can wear sweats and no make up all day, everyday, everywhere, no one will even notice!!!

7. bonfires and picnics season all year long.

8. everything from above reduces stress level!

believe me i know things ;) i'm living in the countryside!

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poniedziałek, 23 października 2017

poniedziałek, 16 października 2017

summer to fall with AUrate

changing your summer outfits into the fall ones, can be very tricky! 

even if there is fall everywhere (almost everywhere ;) ) the weather is still quite nice and warm. we want to wear our floral dresses or shorts as long as we can! so how to transfer summer looks into fall?

simple tricks can help you! 

floral dress can be match with a cardigan and ankle boots. you can mixed shorts with plaid flannel shirt and more. so today i have some ideas for summer/fall looks. 

it's very easy to play with your summer style a bit longer! just take a look! 

on today post i decided to take part in style challenge with AUrate to show you how easly change your look. 

AUrate is creating stunning jewelery and empowering women all over the world. their handmade pieces fit every woman and every style! they're made only from ethical sources and faire priced. 

what i love the most about AUrate is that, for each piece of jewerly you purchase an economically underprivileged child will receive a book! it's brilliant idea! you know how i love books. 

read more about AUrate and their story here and remember, they're shipping worldwide ;) 

jewelery inspirations for the looks  - AUrate New York

links to all the items - mommyinthewoods - polyvore 

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wtorek, 10 października 2017

recipe from the woods - sweet pumpkin soup

today i pop in here, to share with you my recipe for very quick and easy pumpkin soup.

the recipe is very simple! you can make it from just a regular pumpkin or hokkaido pumpkin.

what you need:

- small pumpkin
- half glass (100ml) of water
- 2tbs of brown suger
- 1tbs of unsalted butter
- half glass (100ml) of milk
- 1ts of cinnamon

if you want to make a vegan version you don't need to add butter and you can change milk for almond one or other.

cut the pumpkin into pieces and add half glass of water. boil it slowly till the pumpkin will be soft and creamy. 
then add milk. you can add more milk or less, it depends, if you want to get a very creamy soup or not. then add 2tbs of suger and 1ts of cinnamon and 1tbs of butter. 
mix everything gently and it's ready! 

you can eat it with some pasta (like my daughter) or without anything. 

Bon Appetit!

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środa, 4 października 2017

memories of the summer

October is here but we still thinking about last summer. it was a good one!!! even though the weather was mostly rainy, it was still great summer! a lot of adventures a long the way, lots of ice-creams, smiles and crys. family time, parents getaways, bbq's and dancing till the sunrise. running barefoot on fresh cut grass (thanks hub) and watermelons, tons of it! 

caught in the pouring rain!
 one of the best memories of last summer :)

afternoon naps... still going on strong ;)

thank you summer for being so awesome for us! we already counting months to the next one!

those afternoons on the porch... we miss you

vinho verde all summer long

squad :)

safe place - woods

my sis soon to be first time mommy!

there is fall ahead of us and we also feel excited but sadness is creeping around when we scroll down photos that summer left us...

yay, it's my own poem  :) 

hope you had a lovely summer and wishing you wonderful -  colorful fall :) 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.