poniedziałek, 17 kwietnia 2017

happy easter monday!

Happy Easter Monday! 

hope you're having lovely time celebrating with your family and friends! 

i'm spending time with my close ones just chilling and eating deliciousness! 

sending you best wishes! 

see you soon :) 

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niedziela, 2 kwietnia 2017

treat yo' self!

let's treat ourselves with a bit of luxury.

how many times you dreamed about a day in SPA or in super expensive hotel with beautiful rooms. how many times you wish to afford it or maybe you have money for it but you have no time because you work, work, work!
nowadays it's really hard to stop and just treat ourselves with love!

few weeks ago i spent a weekend with my husband in SPA for our 10th wedding aniversery. it was so good that we didn't want to go back home; and than i thought to myself, why don't we do it much often (not only once in every five years)!?
even if you can't get away from your work, family, home etc...every weekend, you can celebrate your 'me time' at home every day! it's easy really!

as a mother of two i always plan every day, every minute of it! i also plan 'me time' and i'm really disappointed when something pop up and i don't have time for myself. those simple moments are very important for me and this is just my daily SPA time; these minutes when i can have a coffee when kids are at school or having nap. check my instagram feed or just read a book in silence. this is our luxury time! those ordinary daily activities can turn into something really unusual for us busy moms! if you stop and look at these moments, you can plan a lovely time for yourself.
just treat yo' self :)

cuddle in and just take a nap!

take a long, hot bath when kids are asleep!

read in silence! 

put some lipstick on!
 it's always a good idea and make you feel better! 

few ideas for you!

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wtorek, 21 marca 2017

Welcome Spring with Style!

do you have your favorite palette of colors for Spring?
i do! they're shades of pink for women and blue and earth colors for men!

i'm teaming up with bonobos to create for you some looks - ideas how to welcome Spring with style!

pastel vibes
my must have this Spring, pink dress with casula accessories!
let it be something that you can wear to work or for a coffee with friend!

pastel vibes for spring
this is my mr grey inspiration :) 
i just love this look i wish i could see more men looking like that on the streets!

cool like you

just wow! i want this look like right now!
Spring you will be fun!

cool like you men's
so cool and so stylish! 

i had so much fun creating these looks for you guys! they're 101% my style and i hope you like them too! 

let me know what are your colors for this new season!? 

more inspirations on bonobos - thank you for collaboration with me on this post! 

pics via polyvore
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piątek, 3 marca 2017

Try-Day Friday!

have you ever bought a dress, skirt, super tight jeans or cool shoes and then you didn't have the courage to wear it?! or you tried it on but you didn't feel like yourself?!

it happens, right?
it happened to me!

i really like leather clothes (of course, artificial ones) i love leather jackets, skirts or the insane leather pants! some time ago i wanted to buy myself such a pants. in my head i looked in them divine but when i tried them on i almost fell with laugher (my husband did!), there she was, a sausage from microwave! lol :) you can only imagine!!! hahaha, no leather pants for me!

so when Dia&Co reached out to me and told me about this wonderful idea of Try-Day Friday i immediately thought about my leather pencil skirt stowed deep in the closet!

Try-Day Friday it's a day when you can challenge yourself with the outfit you always wish to wear!!!
drop your fears and go crazy! wear these super-high heels or madly red dress! find the courage to show the world your new self, even if it's only for one day!

i gave another chance to leather! here is my Try-Day Friday look!

Yay! for leather skirt! 
(found in seconhand)
shoes - deezee
choker - coralove
sweater - next (from secondhand) 

thank you Dia&Co for cooperation with me on this post!

all photos are mine - thanks mom!
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czwartek, 23 lutego 2017

winter seaside fun!

winter is fun and the best at the seaside! 

today i want to share with you photos from our family getaway to Kołobrzeg!  we had so much fun and i love all of the photos! 

having fun on ice! 


my happy place :) 

10 years of being married!  and we still have it though ;) 

the coolest place fishkafiszka

cute kids corner

this tea was a bomb!!! teapigs.

delicious!!!! #fishkafiszka

ice skating time! 

he was doing so good! 

blogger ;) lol 

my baby girl all by herself! 

cheers! mulled wine perfect for winter! 

all photos are mine
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wtorek, 14 lutego 2017

mood board #3 Valentine's Day

hello beautiful people! 
are you having fun today?

our Valentines are coming to an end and we had a lovely day. i spent time with my family and in the evening a had a date with my mom! yes, my mom and it was great! you can see more on my instagram feed and story :) 

today we celebrate LOVE in all its forms - self love, family love, couples love, friends love......love love love!!!! 
you don't need to be in relationship to feel it! you have love inside you and all around you! just believe in it! 

today i have one song in my mind and i hope that it will inspire you to spend your day 'in love' :)

*kiss me*

Happy Valentine's Day World! 

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środa, 8 lutego 2017

while on winter break...

hello from Kołobrzeg our favorite winter spot! you know how we love seaside!

travelling with family, especially with kids can be very stressful. our kids are quite big (almost 5 and 9) but still we have tantrums and other 'issues' with them. if you have children you know what i mean ;) and as a mom, i'm always solving all the problems; i'm a momanger! but in my latest post here, i've told you how important is time for yourself in all craziness of everyday life. i'm still working on it and i think i'm doing better and better. 
now when we are on family getaway, i have even more time to focus on what's the best for me and my family. when i'm looking at those smiley faces of my kids i know that is all worth it. they love to have a relaxed mom and i'm so blessed to have them in my life. 

children taught me incredible patience; thanks to them i am such a strong woman and wouldn't change it for anything else. i'm very grateful for that! 
having the opportunity to travel with my babies, discover new places, enjoying our time together and collecting memories, it's what i love the most! 

so if you're with your kids, family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend right now, look at them for a minute and think what an incredible people they are! thanks to them you are who you are!
be thankful for the time with them because today will never be the same tomorrow! 
enjoy now!!!! 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.