środa, 27 stycznia 2016

bad hair day

those who follow my profiles on instagramie or twitter know that we were a few days at baltic sea; it was great because the weather was good to us and the children had so much fun!
we have tons of photos that i have to go through it! the post about our small getaway will be up soon!!!

today i want to share with you few photos that we took some time ago.
it was totally a bad hair day but i was wearing my favorite sweater this winter so i put hat on and we did the shoot!

sweater from second-hand soulcal
shoes deezee

my shirt is also from second-hand papaya
i love it! it's great with leggins, jeans and skirts!

this is totally me durning the shoots! i always make this pose! 
i don't know why but i just have to jump! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

uk snaps

second weekend of 2016 we were on our small getaway in england. just me and my hubby.
i wrote more about our new year's resolutions here and travelling is one of it!

it was perfect to visit my sister and her husband again. we had so much fun togather! i could finally chill and rest! i have problems with my back lately so it was nice to slow down for a bit.

now we're back at home and i'm so excited because it's winter break!!!
yay! two weeks of relaxing, being at home, having fun with the kids!
i'm working as a teacher so i have holidays too!
lucky me ;)

anyway today i'm sharing with you photos from our weekend getaway:

me and my lovely sister!
i already miss her so much!!!

enjoying the view!

birmingham - bullring! i really like this city!

grand central - new street / birmingham

this old cathedral was my favorite! totally harry potter style.

old architecture next to the modern one!

banking zone - bull ring

modern art!

my man!

floating houses!
these old channel connections are longer than in venice!

again queen geese!

i just had to visit bella italia

english breakfast - not for me i prefer sweet one...

but but the toast were delicious!

english pub lord burton


guinness baby! with blackcurrant juice! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

czwartek, 7 stycznia 2016

good start!

happy new year world!

how is your first week of 2016?
hope everyone good!?

i somehow maneged to stop focusing on whether the new year won't be worse than the previous one and enjoy the first days of the 2016.

last weekend we were in berlin. visiting our family. it was really great start of the year especially for the kids. they had so much fun with their cousins.

tomorrow we're flying to england. just me and my hubby. we want to spend time togather as a couple. our new year's resolution is to celebrate more our alone moments (without the kids) and all the anniversaries!
over the past two years we didn't have time and somehow we haven't devoted this much attention to it. we came to the conclusion that nowadays, in this crazy, fast life it's very important to cherish each other and celebrate our special days as a family and as a couple! so let's start with tomorrow!

i won't be sharing photos from our new year's eve but i want to show you my sparkling dress i bought in second-hand just for that occasion.
the photos are not good quality, they're phone snaps but it's all about the dress!!!!
hope you like it!

sparkling dress from atmosphere
bought in second-hand for 30zł (about 8euro/5pounds/8$)

shoes are from deezee

look at the back! the dress is perfect!


all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.