wtorek, 28 lipca 2015

recipe from the woods - banana bread

as u know i don't like to cook but i love cookbooks.
i have pretty good collections of it; and still looking for new ones.
i just adore them. i often sit and go through all the recipes imagine that i will cook all of it!
maybe some day!!!
i love all the photos, especially the ones that show celebration of slow food, slow life!
one of my fav cookbook is 'miss dahl's voluptuous delights' by sophie dahl.
every page of this book is so pretty. it's a true festival of good, delicious, slow cook food!
i like how sophie is talking about her love for cooking and baking. how she's showing the readers her life through the recipes.
more about the book and sophie dahl you can find on at the kitchen table

my polish edition of 'miss dahl's...' 

sophie in action 

i love all the photos and sotries that she share

my copy is a bit torn. i use it too often

because i love to bake i have a very easy recipe for you from sophie's book.
banana bread recipe. it's fast and my kids love it. it's perfect for a yummy breakfast or dessert. 

as always everything in just one jug

blend and mold 


so delicouse

take a bite of still hot piece

 to make banana bread you need:
- 75g soft butter
- 4 bananas
- 200g brown sugar
- 1 egg
- 1 tb spoon vanilla extract
- 1 t spoon baking soda
-  pinch of salt
- 170g spelt flour

mix up all the ingredients and pour into the baking form.
bake 1 hour in 180'C

easy and fast! enjoy!

this post in not sponsored! i genuinely love this book! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 27 lipca 2015

slow weekend in pics

it was a very slow motion weekend.

fresh from my gran's apple tree! 

it starts! harvest in our village
storks are always on time

the view

matching nails! mom&daughter

sunday afteroon on the carpet in kids room

roe-deer! mom and two little bambies

the moon, the sky, the land, our land!

hope you had a good weekend too!!!! 

all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

piątek, 24 lipca 2015

hunting for...

i usually know what i want. i have this vision in my head. i have a plan and i go!
i go shopping for the clothes from my vision! i go to the city (an hour drive by car or train) i'm walking around after all the stores and can't find nothing at all.
i'm so angry because there is always so many people in the shops (why there is always so many people in the city, everywhere???)
i'm disappointed because i can't find what i want. i can't find the clothes from my visions! and i'm going back home with nothing or with books, no cothes! (the smell of new book - my other obsession but this is for different post).
after day like that i just have to go to the one and only place that i know i definitely find something for myself!
to secondhand!!!
there i hunt!
i hunt cothes!
i'm master in this.
i love secondhand hunting!
in our nearset town (just 20min drive by car from our village), there are five or more secondhands. there are days when you can be basically alone inside; you can concentrate on your hunt!
almost everything i have in my closet is from secondhand. only things i don't buy is secondhands are jeans and underwear .
maybe because i love our slow life in the woods i also prefer slow shopping.
so i would like to show you what i hunted lately!

me in my secondhand outfit from head to toes 
i buy shoes online  (another kind of slow shopping) this white ones are from deezee 

this pants are so comfy and a bit retro style with high waist 
there are from 'miss selfridge' 

black&white colors of the season 

top is from 'new look' 
grey which i love


very casual and comfy look

my secondhand set 

perfect match

the bag is from local store 

i'm a big fan of casual and a bit sporty style. it's my style for sure.
from time to time i will share with you clothes which i hunted in secondhands!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

czwartek, 23 lipca 2015

life lately

i'm not feeling good lately...
my kids were sick and now me...
it's a beautiful summer here. so hot and sunny but i'm so tired that i wish i could sleep all day long.
i hope i will feel better soon and my energy will come back too.
i took some photos yesterday, sitting on the porch because it was such a lovely day.

my little lady playing outside

our own small forest 

the perfect summer sky

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2015

recipe from the woods

i hate cooking!
i really do!
i think, i'm wasting my time when i'm cooking.
an hour of cooking, five minutes of pleasure and than another hour of cleaning!
as a mom i have to cook. i'm doing my best everyday to prepare something delicious and healthy for kids. standing in the kitchen for hours, making this super food which my kids wouldn't eat or eat it just a bit....
not cool at all!
yup, definitely wasting my time...but i love to bake!!!!

oh, how i love to bake! maybe because there is always someone who would love to eat something sweet!
i love the excitement when i'm waiting for the pie to be ready. is it good or not???
i love the smell of the house and the flavor of still hot pie in my mouth. is like a magic!!!
i have my fav recipes which i'm using a lot and i'm always looking for some new ones, too.

blueberries season is on so here it is recipe for blueberries pudding! i don't know why they call it 'pudding' but is delicious and very easy to make.
i adopt this recipe from:  make cooking easier

fresh blueberries straight from the woods

almost done 

taadaa it's ready!!! 

so yummy and you have to eat it hot!

i've made sweet blueberrie sauce from organic yoghurt and powdered sugar

sitting on the grass, eating this beauty! feels like heaven! 

to make blueberries pudding you need:
 - blueberries or other seasonal fruits (the more the better)
- 2 eggs 
- 1 tb. spoon of vanilla sugar 
- 150g flour 
- 1 t. spoon baking powder 
- 100g of brown sugar 

put the fruits into the baking form. mix up all the ingredients and pour on fruits. 
bake 25-30min in 180'C

easy and fast! enjoy!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 19 lipca 2015

weekend in woods and more

did u noticed that weekend is always the shortest part of the week. sad right? but we always try to make our weekends special. sometimes we try very hard and sometimes is just a simple plan.
from time to time we have very busy saturdays and sundays, especially in spring because a lot has to be done after winter.
now in 'full' summer we can just have fun and celebrate our slow life.

desserts are 'must have' on the weekends. 
this tart was so freaking delicious. fresh raspberries and blueberries.
made by uncle's wife. 
look at the spoon is so beautiful!!! 

in my sparkling shoes, looking for four-leaf clover

straight from the bush, so yummy 

in grandmom's garden 

helping grandmom is always fun and look at the bubbles flaying around

 fresh strawberries 

reading in the shadow of a tree. 

i'm so happy about it. our new railings. 
just perfect for our country house! 
made by our friend.

two great-gradmothers with great-granddaughter

banana bread, disappeared in an hour! 
made by me

it was one good weekend!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

sobota, 18 lipca 2015

day in the city

from time to time i just need to get away from the woods.
last wednesday i spent in the city with one of my best friends, ola.
we studied together at university and after so many years we still keep in touch. even though we live far apart we always try to meet and catch up with everything (this crazy fast life)!

our day was perfect; full of girls talk, laugh, shopping, good food and sun!

love to spend time with this girl! 
she's the most cheerful person i know and an inspiration for me!
ola writes an amazing blog lifeStyle by Ola 


details and fashion 

colors in the sun 

fresh flowers 

my 'it girl' 

small bakery 

love this simple style 

me in ola's eyes 

girl in big city

the city

thank u ola for this best day ever!!!!

you can read more about our day out on ola's blog lifeStyle by Ola - a perfect day out

all photos are mine and ola's. 
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.