piątek, 28 sierpnia 2015

hello from berlin

hello friday! it was a crazy week!

my little one started preschool (what?) and we took a short trip to berlin. i went there alone with the kids by train. it was not the first time we travel to berlin by train but is always an adventure with little ones! one change trains and more than 3 hours drive. last year it was a bit of drama but this time the kids did great. we took a lot of snacks with us, small books, crayons and of course, the tablet for my older one (not happy about that but is life nowadays).

berlin is a city that we quite often visit because my husband's sister lives there with family.
is one of my favorite cities. i love the architecture there and the look of small, old streets. i also love the energy of berlin.
we don't actually go sightseeing because we already know all the popular places. we often just enjoying the beautiful charlottenburg and our favorites spots there.
this time we spent three days in berlin. the first day me and my sister-in-low just went shopping with our little girls. we needed some time for relax with good coffee. here are all best places for shopping in berlin.
the second day we took the kids to zoo. germany's oldes zoo zoological garden / zoo aquarium we spent a whole day there. the kids love it. we came back home totally exhausted! it was a great day!
the third day we planned to visit old national gallery but the little lady of mine got sick and we had to stay at home. till the next time national gallery!

here are few photos from our trip to berlin:

off to zoo

elephants in big city (a bit strange for me...)

boys chacking the map 

this crazy guys

the best fries in zoo 

they run very fast

aquarium my fav part

why they look at the rocks???

playground the best part of the zoo trip!

fall is coming...

the best ice creams in berlin are from eisstein.berlin 
my little lady had blueberries and pistachio for me! 
so delicous!!! 


the city life 
it's nice for a few days but i'm for sure a country girl

true berliner armin von kisiuś the son of our cat ginger

homemade sushi made by cris! 

holiday inn at my sister's

have you ever been in berlin? what are your fav spots to visit there???
let me know!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

piątek, 21 sierpnia 2015

the last days of summer

these are the last days of summer holidays. school starts soon so we're doing everything to fill our days with sun, laughter and ice creams or watermelons!

it will be very hard to say 'goodbye' to the summer days. we love to sleep late, eating lazy breakfast on the porch, wearing our pajams till noon, running around barefoot; eating a lot of ice creams and swimming in our small pool. i will miss summer evenings (the smell of it) and the chirping of crickets!

summer stay with us forever!


our cat loves long walks with us!

the view


just lying on the grass and reading kukbuk

making our own blueberries ice creams!

these dirty feet

playground fun!

working hard

hello friend!

prince charming!

hope you have an amazing time enjoying your last days of summer!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

środa, 19 sierpnia 2015

the white dress

i found this dress back in winter. i have to wait few months to wear it.
i love white clothes especially in summer. it makes your skin look prettier. 
i was very excited when i brought the dress in secandhand. is from river island and it looks like is made from lace but is just a pattern on fabric. is very soft and light and it has also a beautiful adornment at the neck.
it is an elegant dress but i don't feel good in elegant clothes so i'm wearing it with flats, sandals or my red wellingtons! 
the dress is too big for me so i add a delicate white belt to look smaller. 

yes! the back of the dress is pretty awesome!

and my red boots!

green white and red

beautiful front

and the back

what do you think? 

scandhand wins? right??? 

thanks to my hubby for taking the photos! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2015

cottage house

all my life i was dreaming about white little house with red roof!
thanks to my hubby we built one and we can enjoy our life in the countryside.
when you have a house you know that there's always something to work on. sometimes is just painting, sometimes small changes, sometimes big makeover.
the house is changing with the seasons outside the window! in spring we want colors (green, pink, yellow) in summer leitmotif is the sun and the sea, in autumn colorful leaves and in winter christmas!

i really love to re-decor my house. i think about it a lot. read about it a lot. i want my house to be very cosy, a bit of elegant and kids friendly ( tough one)!

i'm very proud when someone says 'i love your house'. i'm working on it very hard and is not so easy when you have little kids and love white colors and clean rooms. trust me!!!

for a long time, i'm obssesed with cottage houses. these white interiors are my dream!
sometimes i spent 'hours' just reviewing photos of it and dreaming that someday my house will change in one of these beautiful houses.
still a lot of work ahead of me so here are my last inspirations!

our house is white too but with red roof and brown porch

what a room?

the simple bathroom but so perfect!

a bit of color

perfect decor for spring and summer 

these windows!

so cosy!

wood, white colors everywhere - my dream 

french patio! 

do you like re-decor your houses or apartments?
what are your inspirations?

photos via google and pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

sobota, 15 sierpnia 2015

recipe from the woods - fruits under crumble

as you already know we were blueberries picking
we had a lot of it at home so i decided to make something different than smoothies and ice creams.
i chose easy and fast recipe as always.
i adopted this simple recipe from one of my fav cookbook by sophie dahl (i wrote about the book in the link).
it's a simple dessert and you can use almost any fruits you want. i use our organic blueberries and organic apples from my grandma.

all organic! 

everything in one bowl

mix soft butter, spelt flour and oatmeal

add brown sugar at the end and mix

prepare fruits

put the fruits into the form 

i mixed the fruits with the crumble 

and it's ready!

simple beauty

eat still hot with sweet sauce or yoghurt!

yummy yummy

my oven broke down so i had to bake in my mama's small kitchen. it was a really hot day, without air conditioning; it was quite an adventure!!! 

to make fruits under crumble you need: 
- fruits (any you like) 
- 115g flour ( i used spelt flour) 
- 50g oatmeal
-100g soft butter
- 50g brown sugar 

mix flour, soft butter, brown sugar and oatmeal. put the crumble on the fruits. bake 30min or till the fruits will be hot and crumble perfectly gold. eat still hot with sweet sauce or yoghurt!

easy and fast! enjoy!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.