poniedziałek, 28 września 2015

the misty mornings

i'm an owl!
totally night person.
i love to sit alone at nights when the whole house is sleeping.
i'm super angry when i have to get up early.
i hate to talk in the morning; i had to have my coffee first and breakfast.
last year when my son was still in kindergarden, we were the last ones there. always late.
all summer i was thinking about how i manage to get up at six in the morning when he will go to school. the school bus won't wait for us!?
on the last days of summer holidays i was preparing myself for early wake up.
going to bed befor midnight is really hard!!!
put away the phone, not chacking on instagram, twitter and all of that. close the book i'm lately reading. switch off the tv. fall asleep.
i practice it every night and i'm getting better every morning!!!

as the days become longer, i can fit more things in my daily schedule and i have more time in the morning for lazy breakfast. i have also one new favorite thing to do just after i get up -  watching how the new day wakes up!
the early mornings are very peaceful and quiet in our village.
it can be very inspiring!
nature has the great power!
i'm happy that i'm living so close to it and i can take part in thist 'magical show' every morning!

fall brings us misty mornings, here are the photos i took few days ago:

my roses in dew! continues to bloom despite the cold nights.

the next morning, when you will be all grumpy and stuff, look outside your window, drink coffee or tea and think -  mother nature always wakes up with a smile!
try to do the same! be good for yourself!!!
i practice every day (just after 6a.m)!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

czwartek, 24 września 2015

the story behind the photos

i was sitting on the porch today.
it was perfect fall day, sunny and warm.
i was thinking... why is that when i'm planning a photoshoot for my outfits from secondhands, there is always so cold and rainy or windy? why???

my husband is mine photographer. we can only shoot when he's here. most of the time he spends abroad so as he comes home we have so many plans; it's hard to push anything at all and even more photoshoots. what more the photos takes us long time because we're still learning about it!
so last time when he was home we took two photoshoots in the most bad weather durning the whole summer. yes! it was still summer, super cold, rainy and windy but the photos are perfect for the new season. they're totally fall photos!!!

the first photoshoot you already saw here and today i want to show you the second one!

perfect look for warm fall weather!

the jeans shirt it's an oldie from big star. i didn't buy it, i got it from my sister in law.
you can find similar here
the dress is from atmosphere, one of my favourite found in secondhand!
more cool dresses here

booties are from deezee

love the back of the dress! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

wtorek, 22 września 2015

recipe from the woods - french rolls with apples and cinnamon

there is an old tree at my parent's house.
an apple tree with fruits so delicious that you can't stop thinking about.
the tree was there when i was a little kid.
back then i thought - it's huge!
it's not so big any more. i think is quite small but this time around my kids are yelling, when i tear off apples -mommy look out! it's a huge tree!

this fall the tree has a lot of sweet and juicy apples. so on sunday morning i decided to made french rolls with apples and cinnamon.

as you can already see they don't look like rolls more like croissants! 
croissants with apples and cinnamon!

 get ready for action!

someone is stealing apples! 

apples almost ready with a bit of fresh vanilla (this black something)

little hands are helping me in the kitchen!

they don't  look so good but it doesn't matter! 
it is our artistic twist on croissants!!!

a bit of egg on top!


to make french rolls/crossiants with apples and cinnamon you need:
- french ready-made dough (i used 2)
- 6 apples (more or less)
- cinnamon (add as much as you like)
- brown sugar (add as much as you like)
- 1 vanilla stick

peel apples throw them into the frying pan with a little water, add sugar and cinnamon, fry and then add the vanilla. mix thoroughly and try if you like it.
cut the dough into squares or rectangles, as suits you, apply apples and wrap croissants or what ever you like or can!
ready-made croissants smear egg. put the croissants into the preheated oven. bake at 220 degrees for 11-12 minutes.

easy and fast! enjoy!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 20 września 2015

slow down weekend

it's weekend!
it's time to slow down!
do you have time to have time???

the weeks are super busy lately. so when the weekend starts i really need to stop and just look around, listen to the sounds of nature and be thankful for this lovely life i'm living.

as you know i'm totally pro - slow life and slow fashion. i love to cherish every moment of my simple life.
the days are running fast sometimes; the minutes pass and i feel sad and exhausted because i know that i miss something.... like a lot! especially when it comes to the kids (they're growing too fast!).
when the weekend comes i just need to breath out all the negative energy and breath in the peacefulness and love from my family.

i slow down for the weekends (sometimes even longer!) try to do the same.
just stop and look, listen and be!
spend time with your family and hug someone, truly from the heart! you will feel better! i promise you!

my essentials this weekend:

totally love this look!
 100% my style! leggins, oversize sweater! 
photo via pinterest

oh, mr grey...

obsessed with this tea lately!
you can buy it here

i fall in love with this sweater!!!
just perfect! is from free people
you can buy it here

hunters because i'm living in the countryside! 
you can buy it here

comfy leggins from h&m

the color i'm wearing almost everyday now - vibrant mandarin 

cosy blanket..... see you in bed....

hope you have time to have time.....and stop for a moment or for the weekend! 
don't run just look around yourself! life is beautiful!
have a great weekend world!!! 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

wtorek, 15 września 2015

moody fall

after rainy night the rainbow welcome us in the morning.
it was a perfect view. simple beauty (photo on my instagram page).
but unfortunately the clouds came out and the day became gloomy and my mood gone down.
in a day like this in order to feel better i need a lot of tea and snuggles on the couch, under warm blanket with a good book or fashion magazine in my hand...
so i drunk some tea in my favorite cup and search for autumn inspiration to make my home more cosy on cold days and bad moods.

here are the photos which inspired me the most:

the motto of today!

my fav tea is earl grey with  lemon!

this vintage tea set is just perfect. 
i love combination of blue and white!

drink tea and take a nap!

this crochet blanket is what i want!!!

chocolate make me happy in any form!

chinese porcelain

maybe a tea in a barn?!

love this pic so much!

fall set!

is it hard to drink tea in a hammock??? let's try!

cute macaroons

this is a perfect decor for me - white and grey.
so cosy with all the pillows.

i just fall in love with this outfit!!! 
the colors and oversize cardigan!

let's snuggle on the porch with a good book in a hand.

cheers! all the tea lovers!

have a lovely day and drink some tea!

photos via google and pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.