sobota, 31 października 2015

the pumpkin dog

happy halloween everyone!
hope you're having fun!?

i just want it to share a few photos of our dog.
peppa is four years old and she's an american pitbull. she was born in usa and came to poland with her sister pippa for breeding purposes.
peppa should become a mom for many puppies but it turned out that she is visually impaired. so we decided to take care of her!
she's crazy, funny dog, who needs much attention but we love her. i think she's happy with us too!

few days ago peppa was in one of those hyper-active mood and she stole a pumpkin from the porch!
look what happened next!

enjoy your halloween weekend! hope your dogs having fun too! 

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

środa, 28 października 2015

the chestnut story

every fall, my dad collects chestnuts as soon as they start falling from the trees.
he believes that they bring happiness and health. he always has one is his pocket. somehow i also began to believe in that but chestnuts most remind me about my childhood fun crafts!

my kids have a lot of chestnuts this year (thanks dad); but they were not interested in it until one rainy friday.
a. and a. can't use laptops, tablets and phones durning the school week. the wheather was terrible so they were bored and stuck at home. at one point they came with idea to make some crafts using chestnuts and cones.
i was impressed because children nowadays don't want to spend time like that!

they made beautiful autumn decorations and i took some photos of their little crafty hands!

boredom can be very creative!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

piątek, 23 października 2015

my red perfection

this is a short story about my favorite fall jacket.
i got it from my friend last year. she bought it in secand-hand but she didnt't feel it so she gave it to me.
i can't be more grateful! because i love this jacket so much!

it's my 'must have'! i wear it almost everyday with casual clothes and with more elegant too.
it's red and warm (made of wool).
thanks to the color i'm already thinking about christmas in october!

hope you like too!

the jacket is from next (bought in second-hand)

the dress is from marks and spencer (bought in second-hand)
sparkling shoes are from deezee

the infinity scarf is made by me! 
 yes! i can sew hats, scarves and shawls! 

red and brown and red - perfect combination!

click the links for more!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

wtorek, 20 października 2015

the gold autumn

this post is all about photos!
nothing more!
look how beautiful our polish autumn is!!! 

i think i don't need to comment on any photo. nature is beautiful itself! and the change of the seasons is always magical for me! 
i regret that i can't send you the smell! autumn air here smells fresh with a touch of winter and mushrooms. does it make any sense??? huh?
anyway, i love this smell!!!! 

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 18 października 2015

what we read - kids #1

do you like to read books?
i do!
i'm totally obsessed with books when i first read 'the land of laughts' by jonathan carroll
so it's normal that i want my kids to love books just as much as i do!
when i go shopping i always come back with one or two (for me and one for the kids).
we have a lot of books in our household!
i love children books nowadays. you can choose from among so many titles, authors and publishers.
in the children's section of a bookstore i feel like heaven!

not every day we have time to read together but on the weekends there is always time to do it!
so today i want to share two books that my kids love lately.

let's read!

first book is about space, both of my kids love it!
my 7yr old son and my 3yr daughter
is an interactive, very colorful book which answers a lot of questions about the cosmos. children can even see how astronauts use the toilet. my son loves that part! 
'look inside: space' by  jones rob lloyd

'kosmos bez tajemnic' the polish edition 

interactive windows is great fun for kids!

the second book is 'dinosaurs' by victoria egan
it's also interactiv with an attached magnifying glass to watch the small details that make the kids feel like real explorers!

'dinozaury' the polish edition! 

hope you find time to read this weekend!
what books your kids read most?
any titles?

click the links for more!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.