środa, 24 lutego 2016

an ordinary day

wednesday is my favorite day of the week!
it's my one day weekend! 
on wednesdays i have time for everything.
for reading, for cooking and beaking, for a walk. 
i have time for my kids and hubby. i have time for a nap in the afternoon and a long breakfast in the morning. 
wednesday is a perfect day even if it's raining or snowing! 

today i had time for all of it! 

i thought a lot about our everyday life, about the fast life we living sometimes and how to slow down more. 
the world all around us is so crazy. it's scares me from time to time. i want my kids to have as peaceful childhood as i had back in a days. so i'm working everyday to make is slower, calmer... and as we all know if parents are slowliving the kids will also!!! 

sometimes is very hard to keep up with everything and still stay calm and enjoying every moment of now. so today i was looking for some motivational, inspirational blogs, articles, photos and more to make it easier! 

this is what i found: 

the blissful mind  blog by catherine and her 25 ways to simplify your life - 25 steps how to make your daily routines easier and how to save your time. 
thanks a lot for this guide catherine, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest! 

a lot of positiv, inspirational quotes you can find on pinterest

making your home as comfy as you like! 
i love all of this interior design 

made me think a lot about my kids and our time together! 

i'll i promises to myself and my family!!! 

i hope that this short post will help you to slow down for a minute or even longer! 
and maybe some of these tips will stay with you forever!!! 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

piątek, 19 lutego 2016

what we read - kids #2

i'm done with this winter!
i want spring so bad!
i'm sick again and my mood is not so good either.
thanks, that sun is shining here almost everyday now and it brings me hope.
i know that it's february already but i wish for march or april!
come on spring we are waiting!!!

but for now, when days are still cold or wet what we are doing in our free time???
we read!
a lot!
my little girls is so into reading lately. she wants us to read to her everyday and she's also 'reading' to her toys. i love to watch her doing it. so cute!

she loves girly books, especially with colorful magical illustrations!
the one she adore the most is 'fancy nancy' series by jane o'connor.
the books are perfect for little girls and illustrations by robin preiss glasser are amazing! robin won the children's choice award for best illustrator of the year for 'fancy nancy and the mermaid ballet' the book that we read almost everyday!

nancy is a little girl with big imagination; she loves everything that is extraordinary! starting from her room and ending with her look! fancy nancy is unusual!!! my little girl love her and me too, to be honest!

we truly recommend 'fancy nancy' to all little princess at there!

holding tight to her books!

these magical illustrations! 

you can buy 'fancy nancy' series on:
amazon - english versions
empik - polish versions

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

czwartek, 4 lutego 2016

winter break - family trip

winter break is over and i have to say i'm happy about it!

it was really nice to have more time for my family! moments spent together are always so precious but two weeks??? it was a bit long for the kids and for us! if you're a parent you know what i mean!

the first few days we all waited for our trip to the seaside. when we returned from our holidays we all got sick so that's why we were delighted to return to work and school after few days in bed with cold!
now we're all good, healthy. kids are back at school and nursery.

i finally found time to go through photos from our family getaway which i want to share with you today!

we spent four days in kołobrzeg and we also visited koszalin where we lived for two years some time ago!
the weather was great; we had snow, sun and freezing cold! it was perfect trip!

i love baltic sea in winter! i love the sound of it and the touch of cold wind on your face.
it always makes me happy!!!

my little boy so happy and free!

this guys always makes us smile

say 'hello' to our new friend

yay! they were so happy!

and me too! my happy place!


our little ornithologists!

this is my favorite photo - somebody's got horns!

i'm in love with this duck

when we were in koszalin we visited our favorite restaurant viva italia

food is delicious there - oh this tomato soup!

italian bread with pesto and olives

spaghetti for our little lady!

penne with mushrooms and chicken in cream cheese

 we ordered so much food that half of it we had to take home!!!
if you ever visit koszalin you have to eat in viva italia! 
the food there is to die for!!!! 

the old man and the sea!

hope to see you soon baltic sea!!!! 


all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.