poniedziałek, 30 maja 2016

monday muse #3

we're back from our family vacation.
if you follow me on instagram/twitter or snapchat you could see our 'moments' there!
soon i will be posting more here!

but today i'm going to share with you my 'monday muse' which are quotes that inspired me and helped me being better person (mom/wife) during the time spent with my family (and not only then)!!!

maybe they will also inspire you to a small but significant changes in your everyday life!

more of mine favorites quotes you can find on my pinterest board

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 23 maja 2016

monday muse #2

today my 'monday muse' is not a person and not a thing, it's a place!!!!

over the last week i keep on watching whatannawears snaps and i really can't stop.
if you don't know her, she's polish travel and fashion blogger. the last few weeks she's spending on bali and i just fall in love with this island so hard. i want to move there like for real!

my love to this place started long time ago when i read 'eat pray love' by elizabeth gilbert; after that i saw the film with julia roberts and i was totally hooked!
now my love is even bigger!!!

Bali why you're so far away?

do you understand what i mean?
is this even real???

so green! rice fields!

my dream place to live :) 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 22 maja 2016

one day in gdynia and more...

this post waited for so long to be published!
those photos are from january!

i have never been in gdynia (one of the three interconnected cities on the gulf of gdańsk) so when my husband had a business meeting there, i went with him.
while he was doing his things i took a quick tour round the most important places in gdynia!

finally i had time to check on these photos and i love them! it was a great day!

i thought that you will share my memories with you too! :)

there's no trip without good food!
 i found this place on some blog and we tried it out, it was delicious! 

seaside - my happy place! 

on our way back home we also stopped at very nice place in piła

i know, tons of photos but it was very hard to choose only few! 
i like them all hope you like it too! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 16 maja 2016

monday muse #1

today i'm starting new series on my blog - 'monday muse'
i'll be sharing with you, people and things that inspired me over the last week!

blake lively and kristen stewart are my first choice!
they're rocking the red carpet on cannes film festival right now! both looking gorgeous!

kristen with new look, new hair color and blake with tinny baby bump.
promoting their films and one they played together in - 'cafe society' by woody allen.

 monday muse!

love their looks! 
blake wearing juan carlos obando jumpsuit
kristen wearing chanel

kristen so rocky and blake classical!

baby bump and this stunning dress! 

chanel look! 

chanel vs versace 

i'll definitely see this film! 

 polish premiere 12th of August 
world premiere 11th of August

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

wtorek, 10 maja 2016

back to my childhood

i week ago we have a family reunion.
my aunties and cousins came over with their kids.
it was a really great day. 
while our kids were playing togather we start to talk about our childhood times and all the memories came back. we had so much fun just by talking about it! 

we mentioned how we dressed, what were our favorite toys and what we loved to play the most!
our childhood was calm and stressless. especially growing up in the village. we had so much free time and we were never bored when nowadays children are bored all the time or have days so filled of school and extra activities that they do not even have time to play and just be kids. 

when i watch how my kids play i miss the feeling of peace and calm in my heart that accompanies children!
so taday i want to share with you some of mine favorite things which i had loved the most when i was a child.

with this post i team up with Invaluable where you can find everything from fine art, antiques, collectibles and much more not only from our childhood times!

here is the collectibles link 

i think my kids won't know what this is!? 

walkman - true antique! 

this game was called 'pajac' in polish :) 

we played a lot in this one! 

favorite bubble gum! 

i had a lot of this notes with cars, an entire collections!

VHS people :) 

Spice Girls!!! 

these crazy spice girls shoes :)

i still love Backstreet Boys after all this years! 

'kresz' tracksuits - i think everyone had them! 

beverly hills 90210 -  who does't love them?

the childhood nostalgia is on high level over here!!!
what are your favorite memories?
leave a comment and let me know!

this post was written in collaboration with Invaluable 
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.