środa, 27 lipca 2016

what we read - adults #2

now is the time when i can freely read!

so i've already read few books this summer.

i got still some waiting for me but today i want to share with you those which consumed me the most lately!

you won't find any classical literature on my shelves or science, i prefer love stories, magic, fantasy and again lots of love!

there's too much hate and anger in this world right now so i rather be surrounded by magical creatures, fairies, knights on white horses and everything which is good and love permeated with a happy endings; not always but most of the time!
i did not mention that all this is happening in modern times, so that my everyday life can be more and more colorful with each page! :)

the first book i want to talk about is 'archer's voice' by mia sheridan

polish cover 

polish version buy here
english here

i will not tell you what is this book about but is very intense! it's from not so new any more, wave of books called 'new adult'. the story will intrigue you from the start! it will give you heart palpitations and goosebumps in a good way!!! it's perfect for summer nights! 

the second and third book is one story. for sure you already know them perfectly.
'me befor you' and 'after you' by jojo moyes

  polish edition here
english edition here

polish version here
english here

it was for a first time that i watched the movie and then read a book. and i don't know whether it was by this order or by something else but i suffered terribly reading a book. 
the story is great i really love it. first book and the second one, both are good but sometimes i had the impression that the action is on the strength of a prolonged and the main character is struggling with itself! or maybe i got this feeling because of the movie? it was so romantic, dramatic but light, a true love story and emilia clarke as 'lou'. she completely stole my heart!!!

i won't write anything else, you have to read the books, see the film and let me know what do you think!!? 

 'me befor you' 

enjoy :) 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

piątek, 15 lipca 2016

one rainy/sunny trip

today is a perfect day to post it!
it was raining all day long here, like really hard, and it reminded me about that day, few weeks ago.
two days trip to Gdańsk and Sopot

i went there with hannah and diane. we were planning this trip for so long. girls had only two weeks in poland and they really wanted to visit everything that was on their list!

we traveled  to Gdańsk, stayed there for a night and then went to Sopot. the first day was so rainy, exactly like today :) but the second day was just perfect!

i have tons of photos to share with you!

smile! because after every rain comes the sun!!!

on our way to Gdańsk

all wet but happy! 

old town

so many beautiful details

little streets!

so cool! 

stop for best ice creams - popcorn and salty carmel

amber street :) 

these girls :) love them!

we had so much fun going through these old stairs,
high above Gdańsk
we felt like in a 'harry potter' movie or 'the hunchback of Notre Dame'

the view was breathtaking!!!


welcomed sun in Sopot 


we love sea so much!!!

hannah, i miss you! 

you need to eat fish at the seaside! 

eating with a view at bar przystań

pier in Sopot 

love love love

how beautiful it is?

magical doors! 

hope you like the photos!?

wishing you much wonderful adventures this summer :) 


all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 10 lipca 2016

city chic!

few weeks ago we went to the city for a quick tour!
it was super hot back then and i didn't know what to wear to feel cool and stylish.

i chose my favorite recently jumpsuit!
is very light, airy, perfect for hot weather in the city.

my husband didn't like the look and said that such jumpsuits were worn in the 90s! but who doesn't love the wide leg thing this summer??? huh?

remember fashion always comes back!!! :)

i found this h&m jumpsuit in second-hand (charity shop) as well as
the sweater, also from h&m 

you know how i love gold shoes :)
found them on deezee as always! 

and waht do you think???
yes or no!? 
let me know! 

have a lovely sunday :)


all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.