środa, 31 sierpnia 2016

mood board #1

'you know your mood swings are kind giving me whiplash' someone said.
(bella to edward in twilight! yes, i'm a twiheart! lol)

i'm sitting on a porch enjoying this quiet afternoon and thinking how moods create our days! how they change, how you can go from extremely happy to scary sad. how sometimes one word, glipmse of an eye or just the weather, change everything in your mind.

i'm moody lately. i miss my husband. he's far away from home for three and a half week now. we have to wait almost two more to see each other. of course we facetime everyday but is not the same. i can't wait to see him again in real. so even if my mood is great, the minute i think how he could be here with us, i'm getting sad. but this is life and time flies. he will be home soon and i will be just fine!

i thought that today i will share with you my 'mood board'. just random pictures which i found intresting, pretty or romantic because i miss romance in my life now ;)

i hope that your 'mood boards' are in bright colors today!!!


*he to me*

one of my fav

and this is the theme song for this post :

these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
pics via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2016

fields of flowers

i bought this dress three years ago.
i found it of course in second-hand shop. 

it's a perfect summer dress and one of my favorites. i pull it out whenever it gets warm and sunny! 
and if you like to spin like a ballerina or have your marilyn monroe moment this dress is for you! 

what i like the most is open back and that after so many years, the dress looks still the same! 
flowers dresses are trendy every season! so here is my classic! 

dress found in second-hand shop by topshop

shoes from deezee

thanks to my sister for taking these photos!!! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

sobota, 27 sierpnia 2016

summer ends

summer is coming to an end...
it makes me feel kind of nostalgic.

when you're living in the countryside your life is subordinate to nature and the changing seasons. each time has its charm but spring and summer are the most beautiful here. we love eating breakfast on the porch and sitting in the evenings listening to the crickets. so when on thursday farmer came to mow hay for the second time this summer, and when i was packing bags of dry hay for the winter for our guinea pig today, i knew that it is already certain that summer ends!
it will get cold very soon, and we will really welcome autumn with its foggy morings and rainy days.
in that moment i decided to take few photos to capture this hot evening, setting sun, the hay and the bliss of perfect summer time!

the photos are untouched, without any filters and i think they're just perfect!

summer bliss

summer, please stay with us as long as possible!!! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

środa, 24 sierpnia 2016

the making of

i know! i know! i should stop this but i can't!

it was awesome adventure for me and i learned a lot!

i promise, this is the last post about my tv debut!!! but i really want to share the last few photos of 'making of'!

let's roll!
my dress is from second-hand shop! 

'humana' a big second-hand shop in warsaw

polish television headquarters

 installing microphone

put some make up on 

getting ready 

'pytanie na śniadanie' dressing-room 

my clothes from second-hand shops

photos with the crew

tvp crew! thank you! 

thank you, Ola for everything!  
and for snapping this photos too!!! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.