środa, 28 września 2016

the most beautiful bookshop in the world!

i'm a big fan of harry potter, books and films!
and you already know that i rather buy books than clothes.
it makes me happy! the smell of fresh print! heaven!!! :)

so when we (me&hubby) were in porto, a 'must see' for me was to visit this incredible, beautiful bookstore!

livraria lello exists in the porto since 1906 and was opened by lello brothers.
it has extraordinary history.
the engineer who designed the building was francisco xavier esteves.
inside of the livraria is breathtaking! the ticket cost 3 euros and it totally worth it!

the place is so magical and it looks like from harry potter movies; what's more the bookstore was frequented by jk rowling, when she taught english in porto and is reported to be an inspiration for her writing!

in such a beautiful and magical bookshop i could buy only one book and it was, of course
'harry potter and cursed child' :)

if you want to know more about livraria lello just click here

here are the photos of the inside of the store! 

'so many books so little time' 

frank zappa

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

sobota, 24 września 2016

bom dia porto!

portugal is our every year summer holidays choice!
we have a very close friends living there so is natural for us that we want to visit them and spend time together in a beautiful surrounding.
my family really love to travel and enjoying new (old) places but without milion other people around. so we always choose to go on holidays durning the months where there aren't tons of tourists. 
in portugal summer break starts in july and ends on september 15th. because of that june and second half of september are the best time to travel there!

this year we chose september. the new thing for us was that we went there without our kids.
we had much more time for ourselves and for visit other places not only beaches. (a&a love to play all day long on the beach!).

we rent a car and took a road trip all the way from lisbon to porto, stopping half way at friends house in praia da vieira
last year our family visited all the little places on the coast from lisbon to leiria and this year we wanted to explore all the villages and cities by the ocean up in direction to porto!

today i would love to share with you all the photos we took in porto.

porto is the second larges city in portugal and for sure one of the oldes not only there but also in whole europe! and its historical core was proclaimed a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1996.
perhaps the city itself is not the pretties (we prefer lisbon much better) but it has its charm especially ribeira district alongside the douro river.
the views there were beautiful with romantic narrow streets although on the buildings you can see marks of history.
it was fun to explore porto but we do not need to go back there again. once was enough!

here are our photos :)

ribeira district - douro river 

metro there is super cheap! 

you can buy a cruise on the river!

sandals form deezee

bye bye Porto! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

czwartek, 15 września 2016

the perfect white dress!

i'm planning a secret party!
the party is all about my grandma's 80th birthday.
she doesn't want any celebration but we love her so much and we want this day to be perfect and special! the big feast of her life!

i'm in charge of all the details so i have decided the main color of the party will be white.
i want each guests to wear white clothes. i want white flowers and white table settings, everything white!

my grandma's birthday are in november but i already started to organize it and to look for appropriate clothes for me, my baby girl and my boys.

i was searching online for a white dress for my daughter but i couldn't find any good ones and then mariacommunion reach out to me and it was a perfect match!

they're a online shop specialized in white communion dresses but their dresses and accessories are suitable for any occasion not only for first communion.
the shop offers white dresses, matching gloves, headpieces, veils and bags. everything is beautifully made and what is the most important to me, they're shipping worldwide!

i want to share with you today, all the dresses which caught my attention!

this is my favorite one! simple and beautiful! 

what a perfect dress for special celebration! 

every girl will feel like a princess in this dress! 

which one would you choose?
let me know!

if you want to see more of mariacommunion dresses and accessories just click the links!

thank you mariacommunion for sponsoring this post!

these pictures are not mine, they belong to mariacommunion!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes

czwartek, 8 września 2016

folklor baby

i'm so happy that summer is still with us.
and i'm super excited that only few days left to see my hubby. i'm counting every minute!

this week is very busy for me. school started and life is going back to normal shedule (school year shedule). i have so much on my plate now, because we have a trip coming very soon. and we are going alone, just me and my husband! yay! so i have to prepare everything for the kids for a whole next week! they will stay at home with three grans. yes, three! their great grandma, and two grandmas. so everything have to be ready to make their days smoother.
we will miss kids like crazy but is our first holidays without them for a long, long time. weekend getaways are great but whole week??! ;) just him and me! like a second honeymoon!!!
i won't tell you where are we going. check my instagram for regular update! :)

i will be packing our suitcases very soon and i'll defiantly pack this dress! it's perfect for a date, romantic dinner or just a stroll.
the dress is totally vintage, it belonged to my grandmother. she wore it when she was young!
one hundred percent of the retro style!!!

what do you think?

the dress is by 'lady h. von peter hahn'

my assistant and photographer - my sister :)

these flats are my sister's 
they're from river island

you don't have to have long hair to have braids!

big thakns to my sister for taking these photos! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.