wtorek, 18 lipca 2017

summer dress shoulder off

if you haven't noticed dresses - shoulders off are a main trend this summer; white ones, florals and dress burgundy are must have! i love especially those with floral prints.

today i collaborate with Zaful the best shop to find most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel!

i pick for you my favorite pieces to rock for the summer! 

off shoulder and ruffle are must have!
this dress is a bomb, i love it! click here from more!

this dress is so beautiful! 
reminds me of the Hamptons and the beach! i would add straw bag and a little cute hat!

perfect set!

burgundy dresses are also something that will probably stay till autumn!
the color is so magical and nostalgic that it will be perfect for next season too!

how cool and sexy it looks with long sleeves!?
you can check this dress here

but it's still romper season. click for best ideas of floral rompers.

get yourself a new romper for the summer! 

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pics via Zaful
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czwartek, 13 lipca 2017

daily look #1

sweater - next (found in secondhand shop)
skirt - esprit (found is secondhand shop)
shoes - deezee 

thank you for beautiful background hotel wartosław

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

wtorek, 11 lipca 2017

a day in life!


everyday should be an adventure, especially for the kids! so my goal for this summer break are adventures every day!
we don't plan to go anywhere far this year, so i want to show my kids everything near our small village. 

you don't need to travel far away or have a lot of money to make summer break magical for your kids but staying at home all summer can be very tricky with the kids - you're feeling me moms??? 
so to not gone crazy i'm planning something active and interesting for my children every day.

you can find a lot of ideas on internet and all around you! we started by rediscovering our village, visiting farm near our house and evangelical cemetery from before world war one. 
this is our day! 

so cute! 

so sad that this place is forgotten :( 

learning about history!

if you want to see more from our everyday life go check my instastories

see you there :) 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

niedziela, 2 lipca 2017

back in the mountains!

if you follow me on instagram you already know that we were on a family trip in mountains. 
is our family tradition to visit polish mountains ones a year. here is a post from last year getaway!

this year we visited stronie śląskie and its surrounding. we stayed there for five days and it was really beautiful and peacefull. 

going up to win czarna góra 

this time we took our dog with us too!

how beautiful is this view?

my son's artistic vision of a photo with some random guy in the background!

on the top of czarna góra

fishing in one of the coolest place agroturystyka nad stawami
yummy food, nice people and animal friendly!

super fun place for adults and kids also animal friendly! 

we actually were driving a little train from the inside of the mine 
and we felt like in harry potter's film! it was so cool! 

one and only natural underground waterfall in poland! in gold mine!

you can check my ig feed here for some more photos from our trip!

if you want to visit this area i recommend the place which we fell in love with and we are already planning another visit - villa czarna góra beautiful place with delicious food and animals friendly. go check them out! 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.